Through the accumulation of professional experience, strict engineering management, professional construction and overall planning and other technical capabilities to provide customers with the fastest and most optimized whole plant design, space planning 3D drawing and system engineering installation management services.

Surface treatment

Micro-Arc Oxidation can be applied to materials such as aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys and titanium alloys.

Machine transformation

Focus on the whole plant automation planning, customized equipment services to help customers reduce manpower, reduce costs and increase production capacity, pay attention to customer needs, and achieve effective improvement programs.

Special specification parts

Customized for various special parts and Korean OEM products ex: various special-purpose pneumatic cylinders; ball screws; vacuum screws; UV mirrors; reflective bowls


Engineering plastic

The company provides a variety of CNC engineering plastics, as well as a variety of plastic products components, customized, sample design, Valet processing, quality and any use of plastic materials, the company dedicated to explain your service. 


Committed to the wholesale of cameras, mainframes and all kinds of peripheral goods, professional and rapid maintenance and perfect after-sales service, in the spirit of "professional, service, quality", the pursuit of high-quality goods, intimate after-sales warranty Always support all monitoring needs behind you.

Prevent rust paint

Various special paint coating, metal anti-corrosion system, wet sandblasting high pressure water milling, de-embroidery and anti-rust engineering contracting

Periodic maintenance

Control substrate, UPS control circuit, industrial computer, motherboard, communication board, power supply, data rescue improvement case cooperation


Panel glass special detection sensor; LCD panel storage card (Normal Cassette) dedicated detection sensor;
Special sensors for steel mills; in order to strengthen service customers, we have introduced products from TAKENAKA ENGINEERING. Among them, the Flame Sensor is the most popular.